USA China and Glass Red Book

USA-CGRB 1951 p195-200

1951 Red Book – 195 – Miscellaneous






1951 Red Book – 196 – Miscellaneous

The Master Plate Hangers



Will Fit Any Shape Plate or Tray

Easy to Attach and Guaranteed to Hold Plate Securely

No. 00

4” to 5œ”

$4.80 Dozen

No. 0

5” to 6œ”

4.80 Dozen

No. 1

7” to 9”

5.40 Dozen

No. 2

9” to l0œ”

5.40 Dozen

No. 3

11” to 12œ”

5.40 Dozen

No. 3œ

12” to 14œ”

9.00 Dozen

No. 4

13” to 15œ”

9.00 Dozen

No. 5

16” to 18œ”

9.00 Dozen

These Plate Hangers Are Designed and Manufactured by


148 High Street Boston 10, Mass.

made in u.s.a.
1951 Red Book – 197 – Miscellaneous


CONCORD GLASS MANUFACTURING CO., INC., 42-14 43rd Ave., Long Island City, N. Y. (Ironsides 6-1383). Thomas Estella, president. Representatives: Edward Kloss, 3537 S. Racine, Chicago, Ill.; Alvin Cole, Los Angeles, Cal.; Philip Moses, Philadelphia, Pa. Plastic centerpieces. Glass flowers and novelties.

HAYMAN & LINDENBERG, INC., 4040 Third Ave., Bronx 57, N. Y. (Cypress 9-9100). Louis Hayman, president. Showroom: 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. Artificial flowers.

KLEIN CO., INC., EDWARD P., 114 W. 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. (WA 5-4730). Edward P. Klein, president. Manufacturer of artificial decorative flowers and table arrangements.

MARIMAC NOVELTY CO., 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (LE 2-5181). Max Greenan, president; Robert P. Seldes, sales manager. Glass flowers and table decorations. “Porsalana.”


MEHRER, TED, 101 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. (Lexington 2-9134). Designer.

DE FORD, MISS WILLIAM, 417 Riverside Dr., New York 25, N. Y. “DeFord Originals” dinnerware, vases, service plates.


BOHRMANN, HERBERT, 1706 Selwyn Ave., New York 57, N. Y. (Tremont 8-3845). Wrought iron brackets, plant stands, centerpieces with glass vases and flower pots.

CAROTTI, P. O. Box “M,” Sag Harbor, L. I., N. Y. Aluminum alloy table accessories, designed by von Miklos.

EVERLAST METAL PRODUCTS CORP., 225 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. (Murrayhill 4-0243). Louis M. Schnitzer, president; Jack B. Orenstein, sales manager. Showrooms: 1525 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill.; 527 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, Cal. Forged aluminum trays and hostess accessories.

HELLER HOSTESS WARE, INC., White Plains, N. Y. (LO 2-9040). Jack Heller, president. Showroom: 1150 Broadway, New York, N. Y. “Hostess Ware” — giftware and housewares.

KROMEX CORPORATION, 880 E. 72nd St., Cleveland, Ohio (EN 1-2922). E. Asquith, president; S. Schaeffer, sales manager. Aluminum and chrome housewares and kitchenware; giftware with glass inserts.

LEHMAN BROS. SILVERWARE CORP., 197 Grand St., New York 13, N. Y. (CA 6-4233). Silver-plated, chrome-plated and hammered aluminum hollow ware.

LEVY BROTHERS, 203-15 Cuthbert St., Philadelphia 6, Pa. (Market 7-0971). Stanley G. Levy, partner. Showroom: Eric M. Bauer, 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. Wrought iron brackets with copper flower pots, pottery flower pots and glass vases.

SHELBY SILVER, INC., Shelton, Conn. (Tel 1901). Raymond R. Luben, president. Hollowware. Chromium accessories to combine with glass, such as cocktail shaker covers, martini covers and spoons, etc.

VARIETY METAL & DECORATING CO., INC., 3134 Jerome Ave., New York 58, N. Y. (Cypress 5-3250). Morris B. Solomon, president. Complete monogrammed line, photo frames, cocktail and highball sets, relish sets, cigarette boxes and ashtrays.

YORKVILLE CRAFTSMEN, INC., 223 E. 80th St., New York 27, N. Y. (Regent 4-3502). Robert G. Thoesen, president. Spun aluminum ice buckets, vases, trays and copper.


APPLIED PLASTICS DIVISION, Keystone Brass Works, 1102 W. 12th St., Erie, Pa. (2-3407). M. H. Rowley, president; Lloyd T. Moore, manager, plastics division. Manufacturer, “Restraware,” plastic dinnerware.

BOONTON MOLDING CO., Boonton, N. J. (Boonton 8-2020). George K. Scribner, president; William Stopford, sales manager. “Boontonware,” dinnerware molded of Melmac (plastic).

INTERNATIONAL MOLDED PLASTICS, INC., 4387 W. 35th St., Cleveland 9, Ohio (Florida 1-8010). George Goulder, president; F. E. Holbrooke, sales manager. Representatives: Glenn B. White & Associates, 1270 Broadway, New York, N. Y.; E. Barlow, Jr., 1145 Peachtree St. N.E., Atlanta, Ga.; Don Fairchild, Fairchild-Shannon Co., 1044 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit, Mich.; Arthur Rinfret, Rinfret-Taylor Co., 120 Boylston St., Boston 16, Mass. Manufacturers, “Brookpark,” “Arrowhead Ever Wear,” “Desert Flower,” Melmac plastic dinnerware.

STYSON ART PRODUCTS CO., 141 E. 47th St., New York 17, N. Y. (Plaza 9-5382). Joseph B. Stier, president. China animals. Plastic coasters, salt, candy and canape dishes, relish dishes, cigarette boxes, highball stirrers, ice tongs, martini stirrers.

1951 Red Book – 198 – Miscellaneous

WATERTOWN MANUFACTURING CO., Watertown, Conn. (Watertown 710). J. R. Neill, president. Representative: Geo. E. Weigl, 230 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. “Watertown Ware,” plastic picnic ware; “Watertown Lifetime Ware,” heavy duty Melmac dinnerware.


EMBRO MANUFACTURING CO., 906 Lawrence Rd. N.E., Canton, Ohio (4-1413). Oscar R. Sell, president; George Sell, sales manager. Dinnerware and florist wire displayers, bracketware.

RANSBURG CO., HARPER J., Barth and Sanders Sts., Indianapolis, Ind. (MA 7515). Hand painted pantryware, hand painted stoneware.

RICHARDS, C. & A., 148 High St., Boston 10, Mass. (LIB 2-9586). R. C. Richards, sales manager. Manufacturer of “Master” plate hangers, plate stands, cup and saucer stands.

ROBERTS COLONIAL HOUSE, 217K W. 111th St., Chicago 28, Ill. Paul Roberts, president. Cup and saucer holders, plate hangers, plate racks, display easels, stacking pads, plate holders.

SILVER CO., S. E., 43 W. 27th St., New York 1, N. Y. (MU 3-9710). Sam Silver, president. Display racks, plate hangers, cup and saucer stands, plate frames, easels, shadow boxes.

TATCHER, ERNEST, 266 N. W. 26th St., Miami, Fla. (82-8725). Ernest Tatcher. president. Regal plate hangers, cup and saucer stands, plate stands, wire racks for dinnerware display.

1951 Red Book – 199 – Miscellaneous


AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY. Charles S. Pearce, secretary, 2525 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio.

AMERICAN FLINT GLASS WORKERS’ UNION, W. J. Rainie Bldg., 204 Huron St., Toledo 4, Ohio. Harry H. Cook, president; W. G. Muhleman, first vice president; Victor G. Walk, second vice president; Guy Alexander, third vice president; Charles M. Scheff, secretary-treasurer; Arthur Elbert, assistant secretary.

AMERICAN GLASSWARE ASSOCIATION, 19 West 44th St., New York 18, N. Y. C. W. Gustkey, Imperial Glass Corp., chairman of the governing board; Stevenson, Jordan & Harrison, Inc., business manager; H. L. Dillingham, secretary and treasurer.

ASSOCIATED GLASS & POTTERY MANUFACTURERS, Box 227, Knox, Pa. J. D. Thompson, president, Newell, W. Va.; A. K. Wood, treasurer, Jeannette, Pa.; J. E. Duncan, 3rd, vice president, Washington, Pa.; Carl Gustkey, secretary, Bellaire, Ohio; J. M. Hammer, executive secretary, Knox, Pa.

CALIFORNIA ART POTTERS ASSOCIATION, 315 West 9th St., Los Angeles 15, Cal. Joe Walker, president; Brad Keeler, vice president; Clifford Ward, Jr., secretary-treasurer; John J. Stein, executive secretary.

CALIFORNIA POTTERY GUILD, 315 West 9th St., Los Angeles 15, Cal. Frederic J. Grant, chairman; J. J. Stein, secretary-manager.

CHINA, GLASS & POTTERY ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK, INC., 1170 Broadway, New York 1, N. Y. (MU 3-8700). John Henry Griffin, secretary.

CHINA, GLASS AND POTTERY ASSOCIATION OF CHICAGO, 15th Floor, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill.

CHINA, POTTERY AND GLASS ASSOCIATION, 1020 South Los Angeles St., Los Angeles 15, Cal. Edmund Altschul, president; Lester J. Retz, vice president; William O. Lee, treasurer; A. E. Shahan, secretary-treasurer.

CROCKERY, GLASS, GIFTWARE BOARD OF TRADE, 71 West 23rd St., New York 10, N. Y. (Oregon 5-3367). L. S. Owen, Jr., secretary and manager.

EASTERN MANUFACTURERS & IMPORTERS EXHIBIT, INC., New York. George F. Little, managing director, 220 Fifth Ave.

FEDERATION OF GLASS, CERAMIC AND SILICA SAND WORKERS (CIO), Columbus 15, Ohio. Burl Phares, president; Leland Beard, first vice president; Ralph Reiser, second vice president; Lewis McCracken, secretary-treasurer.

FIFTEENTH FLOOR MERCHANDISE CLUB, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill. William R. Anderson, president; Miss Elsa Haeger, first vice president; John Tatman, second vice president; Miss Vinnie Roe, secretary-treasurer; Earl W. Newton, Jr., chairman.

LOS ANGELES TRADE FAIR, INC., 1151 South Broadway, Los Angeles 15, Cal. W. C. Klingborg, general manager.

MIRROR MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION, 435 North Michigan Ave., Chicago 11, Ill. John Fenlon Donnelly, Donnelly-Kelley Glass Co., Holland, Mich., president; Grady V. Stroupe, Stroupe Mirror Co., Thomasville, N. C, vice president; Harold L. Smith, Cadillac Glass Co., Chicago, Ill., treasurer; Ben Newton, Semon Bache & Co., New York, N. Y., national councilor; Minita Westcott, 435 North Michigan Ave., Chicago 11, Ill., executive secretary.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS OF PRESSED AND BLOWN GLASSWARE, Conestoga Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. R. F. Hannum, president; Karl Weaver, vice president; Geo. Dougherty, executive vice president and treasurer; J. Raymond Price, secretary (CO 1-2684).

NATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF OPERATIVE POTTERS, East Liverpool, Ohio. James M. Duffy, president; Charles F. Jordan, secretary-treasurer.

NATIONAL GIFT & ART ASSOCIATION, INC., 220 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. George F. Little, general manager; Wm. E, Little, secretary.

PENNSYLVANIA CERAMICS ASSOCIATION, INC., Mineral Industries Bldg., State College, Pa. James K. Martin, Posey Iron Works, Lancaster, Pa., president; Harold A. Heiligman, E. J. Lavino & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., vice president; E. C. Henry, Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa., managing director; R. G. Ehman, Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa., secretary; E. C. Emanuel, Armstrong Cork Co., Lancaster, Pa., treasurer.

REGISTERED CALIFORNIA, 527 West Seventh St., Rooms 805-806, Los Angeles 14, Cal. William H. Fields, president; George Cleminson, vice president; Max P. Schonfeld, secretary - treasurer; Gallic Thoming, executive secretary.

1951 Red Book – 200 – Miscellaneous

225 FIFTH AVENUE ASSOCIATION, INC., 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. S. S. Sarna, president; Lew Fischer, vice president; Eric Bauer, treasurer; Norman C. Preston, secretary.

UNITED STATES POTTERS ASSOCIATION, East Liverpool, Ohio. E. L. Torbert, president; J. H. Keller, first vice president; J. T. Hall, second vice president. A. M. Walker, third vice president; W. A. Betz, secretary-treasurer.

VITRIFIED CHINA ASSOCIATION, INC., 312 Shoreham Bldg., Washington 5, D. C. R. E. Gould, president; G. B. Zahniser, vice president; James K. Love, treasurer; Robert F. Martin, executive secretary.