USA China and Glass Red Book

USA-CGRB 1951 p073-081

1951 Red Book – 73 – American Glassware



Stemware — Tumblers — Smoker Accessories
Dinner Ware — Milk Glass — Fancies
Cut and Etched — Hand-Decorated
Sand Blasted — Colored — Opal Ware
Silver and Gold (Encrusted)
Handmade and Machine-Made
Blown and Pressed — Bar Accessories
Novelties and Specialties — Illuminating
Hotel and Restaurant — Oven Ware
Special Mould Work


Alphabetical Listing of



Including addresses, telephone numbers, principal officers, sales offices and repre­sentatives, types of ware . . .


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1951 Red Book – 74 – American Glassware



luncheon sets

Created by

Gay Fad




Wherever shown, the Gay Fad line with its steady flow of new items, colors, and decorations, stimulates sales.

Hand decorated and ceramic fired Juice Sets, Beverage Sets, Tumblers, Novelty Bar Accessories and many other items, beautifully styled and decorated by Gay Fad.

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New York, New York

Dallas, Texas

Covington, Kentucky

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pinckney, Michigan

Chicago, Illinois

Atlanta 3, Georgia

Huntington, W. Va.

Hanover, Massachusetts

Collinsville, Connecticut

Honolulu, Hawaii

Havana, Cuba

A. E. SHAHAN COMPANY, San Francisco, California

1951 Red Book – 75 – American Glassware

Alphabetical Listing of


ABELS, WASSERBERG & CO. — See list­ing, American Pottery. { Glass decorator.}

AKRO AGATE CO., THE, Clarksburg, W. Va. (Clarksburg 1217). Edmund Bur­roughs, president; Ellis B. Stillman, sales manager. Showroom: E. W. Hammond, 10 W. 23rd St., New York, N. Y. (Oregon 5-3590). Ash trays, flower pots, etc. Pri­vate mould work limited.

ALADDIN INDUSTRIES, INC., 705 Mur-freesboro Rd., Nashville, Tenn. V. S. Johnson, Jr., president; J. O. White, vice president. Showrooms: Madeline McCole, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill. (Superior 7-7879); S. F. Wellman, 1726 N. Flint St., Portland, Ore.; Western Furniture Merchandise Mart, San Francisco, Cal. Electric lamps, shades and novelties, ker­osene mantle lamps.

AMERICAN ART PRODUCTS CORP., 159 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. (Oregon 7-6880). Marvin L. Wolf, presi­dent. Decorators of hand-carved hand-painted decorated glass articles.

AMERICAN CUT CRYSTAL CORP., 159 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. (Oregon 7-6880). Marvin Wolf, president. Hand-cut crystal gift items, perfume bottles.

ANCHOR HOCKING GLASS CORP., Lan­caster, Ohio (Main 3000). Tableware Di­vision. Factories at Lancaster, Ohio; Canal Winchester, O., and Bremen, O. W. V. Fisher, president; T. S. Wright, sales manager. Showrooms: In all leading cities. Pressed table ware, pressed and blown, tumblers, bar and liquor glassware, oven ware, private mould work, heat-proof table ware, occasional pieces, refrigerator ware, kitchen glassware, oil lamps, din-nerware, hotel and restaurant ware, fish globes and jars.

ANCHOR MANUFACTURING C, 377 W. Broadway, New York, N. Y. (Walker 5-9070). Henry Bronsther, Miller Brons-ther, partners. Gold and platinum en­crusted stemware. Silver deposit and gold and platinum encrusted liquor and cock­tail sets.

ARCADIA EXPORT-IMPORT CORP., 5 W. 20th St., New York 11, N. Y. (CH 3-2080 and CH 3-0295). Richard H. Abrey, president; George Cohen, sales manager. Special mould work.

ARLINGTON CRYSTAL, 2235 Yandes St., Indianapolis, Ind. (Highland 4026). Wil­liam H. Zaiser, owner. “Colorific” person­alized glassware. Fraternal designs a spe­cialty.

ARTISTICA, INC., 422 East 165th St., New York 56, N. Y. (Jerome 8-8466). Ernest Weiss, president; Hugo Loewen-stein, vice president. Decorated and fired glassware.

BARTLETT-COLLINS CO., Sapulpa, Okla. (Tel. LD-13). E. M. Bartlett, president; D. C. Hamilton, vice president. Show­rooms: E. F. Moore, 1414 University Ln., Hyattsville, Md.; Western Glass Products Co., 1355 Market St., San Francisco, Cal.; Holt Berni, attention Allen Myers, 102 Terminal Sales Bldg., Seattle 1, Wash.; Holt Berni, 721 N.W. Flanders St., Port­land 9, Ore.; D. Wallace Larson, 1028 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles 15, Cal.; Howard P. Werner, 4582 Chouteau Ave., St. Louis 10, Mo.; Charles T. Wheat, 616 Manufac­turers & Merchants Bldg., Memphis 3, Tenn.; Kelly & Reasner, 1568 Merchandise Mart, Chicago 54, Ill.; Brooks Banks, 128 Duffield, Detroit 1, Mich.; Harry M. Hop­kins, 408 Cascade Rd., Pittsburgh 21, Pa.; Duncan G. Curtis, Inc., 200 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; Fred C. Kling, 1186 Fort St., Honolulu, Hawaii; Reid H. Cox & Co., 88 Alexander St. N.W., Atlanta 3, Ga.; Edward G. Larson, 304 Vandam Bldg., Philadelphia 7, Pa.; Hacking Agen­cies of Canada. Pressed and blown table glassware, hotel and bar glassware, fired decorations and kerosene lamp founts.

BEAVER VALLEY GLASS CO., Roches­ter, Pa. (Rochester 2620). Wm. A. Meier, president and sales manager. Showrooms: Wallace & Bowes, 212 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y.; E. L. Malicord, 2253 Ridgewood Ave., Alliance, Ohio; Russell M. Stoakes, 94 S. Greer St., Memphis, Tenn.; Bertram F. Sharpe, 700 Rona St., Asbury Park, N. J.; Helm, Saunders & Piper, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill.; Himmelstern Bros., 718 Mission St., San Francisco, Cal.; Himmelstern Bros., Brack Shops, 527 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, Cal.; Himmelstern Bros., 211 Terminal Sales Bldg., Seattle, Wash.; Miss Barbara Hess, 61 Dinsmore Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Blown tumblers, stemware, blown tableware, col­ored glassware, bar accessories, milk glass, novelties and specialties.

BELFORD STUDIOS, 55 W. Colorado St., Pasadena 1, Calif. (Sycamore 6-1863). C. F. Snodgrass, owner. Etching and carving, hand painting, hand wrapping. “Color-frost.” “Morningfrost.”

BELMONT TUMBLER CORP., THE, Bel-laire, Ohio (Bellaire 88-R). Harry A. Neff, president; Ralph A. Neff, sales manager. Plain and decorated tumblers, stemware and novelties.

1951 Red Book – 76 – American Glassware

BERGER CRYSTAL CUT GLASS CO., 611 Main St., Sistersville, W. Va. P. W. Ber-ger, president. Table cutware, fluted bar goods. Also contract cutting exclusive pat­terns.

BERNARDI, INC. — See listing, American Pottery. { Glass decorators.}

BERTSON HOUSE, LTD. — See listing, American Pottery. { Glass importer. See also advert  p112}

BIBI AND CO., 1709 — 65th St., Brooklyn 4, N. Y. (BE 6-4114). Partners: David Bibi, Reuben Bibi, Isidore Dayan. Repre­sentatives: Joseph R. Bibi, 251 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (MU 9-4940); Harry Hosfield, 6408 N. Tahoma Ave., Chicago, Ill.; Arthur Narins, 122 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.; Carl Mathis, 1355 Mar­ket St., San Francisco, Cal.; Mrs. Helen Loring. 712 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, Cal.; Jack Koerner, 2nd Unit, Santa Fe Bldg., Dallas, Texas; E. P. Craddock, 631 E. Essex St., St. Louis, Mo. Manufac­turers and importers of crystal chande­liers, hurricane lamps, candelabras, wall brackets, etc.

BISCHOFF SONS & CO., Culloden, W. Va. (Milton 9101). A. F. Bischoff, sales manager. Showrooms: Walter Corwell Co., 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.; Issy Feldman & Co., 1599 Merchandise Mart. Chicago, Ill. Blown table ware, colored glassware, bar and liquor glassware, illu­minating glassware, opal ware, novelties and specialties, private mould work.

BLENKO GLASS CO., INC.. Milton, W. Va. (Tel. 2181). W. H. Blenko, owner. Showrooms: Rubel & Co., 225 Fifth Ave., New York. N. Y.; Rubel & Co., 1554 Mer­chandise Mart, Chicago, Ill.; Lee Kennedy & Associates, 3500 Ridgewood Rd. N.W., Atlanta, Ga.; Johnson Sales Co., Box 13184, Houston, Texas; Dillon-Wells, Inc., 760 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, Cal. Colored glassware, blown table ware, dinner ware, tumblers and stemware, novelties and spe­cialties, private mould work.

BONITA GLASS CO., Huntington, W. Va. (Tel. 5404). J. D. Cober, owner and man­ager. Showrooms: Alfred Knobler, 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.; F. A. Wal-lenhorst. 4132 Edmondson Ave., Balti­more, Md.; L. J. Kugel & Son, 29 Brook-haven Dr. N.W., Atlanta, Ga.; Woodall Cook Co., Santa Fe Bldg., Unit 2, Dallas, Texas; Delda Displays, 527 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, Cal. Blown table ware, tum­blers and stemware, colored glassware, bar and liquor glassware, novelties and spe­cialties, over-the-flame ware.

BORCHERT GLASS CO., C. A., E. Third St., Weston. W. Va. (Weston 741). C. A. Borchert, president; C. L. Borchert, sales manager. Showrooms: H. J. Moscovitz Co., 10 W. 23rd St., New York. N. Y. (ORegon 5-5856); Edward G. Larson, 1005 Market St., Philadelphia. Pa. (Wal­nut 2-0271); Ernest Bride, 225 S. LaBrea Ave., Los Angeles 36, Cal. (Whitney 6592). Crystal or applied fired colors, stemware, vases, beverage sets and fruit juice sets, lighting glassware, hurricane and colonial globes, cylinders, 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch ceiling domes plain, frosted, decorated, cut and polished.

BORGFELDT CORP., GEO. — See listing, American Pottery. { Factory agents and wholesalers including, table glass of all kinds and stemware.}

BRODEGAARD & CO., INC., R. F., 225 Fifth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. (MU 5-2643). R. F. Brodegaard, president. Branch: Clyde McCulloh. 527 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, Cal.; M. McGreevy, 7064 N. Paulina, Chicago, Ill. Importer and whole­saler of handblown and handcut stemware.

BROWN, HENRY, 726 Fairmont Ave., Fairmont, W. Va. (Tel. 130). Henry Brown, president. Glass decorator, repre­sentative, glass lamp manufacturer. Bar accessories, hand-decorated ware, novel­ties and specialties.

BRUECK, HEINZ, 336 E. 86th St., New York 28, N. Y. (TR 9-8118). Heinz Brueck, president; Henry Hollfelder, sales manager. Showroom: Mark Borus, 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (LE 2-9304). Bar accessories, colored ware, handmade blown ware, hotel and restaurant ware, stemware, tumblers.

BRYCE BROTHERS CO., Mount Pleasant, Pa. (Mt. Pleasant 2301). K. R. Bryce, president. Showrooms: Bryce Brothers Co., 200 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (Oregon 5-1370); John W. Readeker, Mer­chandise Mart, Chicago, Ill. (WHI 4-1583); Richard E. Rice Co., 101 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. (Liberty 2-3632); Howells and Massengale, 1145 Peachtree St. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. (Hemlock 6161); Saubert-Lamont, Inc., Santa Fe Bldg., Dallas, Texas (Randolph 6392). Hand-blown lead table and bar stemware and tumblers in crystal and colors and with etched and cut decorations.

C. & O. GLASS CO., 534 N. Parkside Ave., Chicago 44, Ill. (Estebrook 8-8870). Fred Ogren. president. Showrooms: Howard R. Tait, 2756 N. Pine Grove Ave., Chicago 4, Ill.; Loring Associates, Inc., 712 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, Cal. (Tucker 6339); Loring Associates, Inc., 355 Market St., San Francisco 3, Cal. (Klondike 2-2311). Manufacturers of cut, engraved and mon-ogrammed table glassware, also decorators of mirrors and lamp parts. Copperwheel engraving.

CAMBRIDGE GLASS CO., THE. Cam­bridge, Ohio (Cambridge 2-3271). W. L. Orme, president; W. C. McCartney, secre­tary. Salesrooms: E. P. Henn, 212 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (LEX 2-5897); John P. Tatman. 1547 Merchandise Mart. Chicago, Ill. (Whitehall 4-4310) ; H. B. McQuown and H. G. Hoyer, 712 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, Cal. (Van Dyke 0440); Paul H. Hildebrand Co., 343 — 2nd Unit, Santa Fe Bldg., Dallas, Texas (Central 4666). Pressed tableware, blown table­ware, tumblers and stemware, colored glassware, novelties and specialties.

1951 Red Book – 77 – American Glassware



Manufacturers of




E. M. Bartlett, President
E. E. Bartlett, Treas. & Gen. Mgr.

D. C. Hamilton, Vice President
C. F. Bartlett, Vice Pres. & Ass’t Treas.


Val Chase
Sapulpa, Okla.

Lewis Bennett
Sapulpa, Okla.

R. B. Page, Jr.
Sapulpa, Okla.

Ron Shafer
5617 Yarrow St.
Arvada, Colo.

W. C. Callaway
2309 McAdams St.
Dallas, Texas


E. F. Moore
1414 University Ln.
Hyattsville, Md.

Holt Berni
102 Terminal Sales Bldg.
Seattle 1, Wash.

Holt Berni
821 N.W. Flanders St.
Portland 9, Ore.

D. Wallace Larson
1028 S. Figueroa
Los Angeles 15, Cal.

Charles T. Wheat
616 Mfgs. & Merch. Bldg.
Memphis 3, Tenn.

Howard P. Werner
4582 Chouteau Ave.
St. Louis 10, Mo.

Kelly & Reasner
1568 Merchandise Mart
Chicago 54, Ill.

Brooks Banks
128 Duffield
Detroit 1, Mich.

Harry M. Hopkins
408 Cascade Rd.
Pittsburgh 21, Pa.

Fred C. Kling
1186 Fort St.
Honolulu, T. H.

Reid H. Cox & Co.
88 Alexander St., N.W.
Atlanta 3, Ga.

Edward G. Larson
1005 Market St.
Philadelphia 7, Pa.

Western Glass Products Co.
1355 Market St.
San Francisco, Cal.
Duncan G. Curtis, Inc.
200 Fifth Ave.
New York 10, N. Y.


Thomas Dippie
6 Edmonton Furn. Bldg.
Edmonton, Alta.

E. Leguillette
613 — 1410 Stanley St.
Montreal, Que.

George H. Cory
621 S. Marks St.
Fort Williams, Ont.

L. L. Ponsford
127 Seventh Ave., E
Calgary, Alta.

E. M. Markham
144 Water St.
Vancouver, B. C.

H. P. Trowell
104 Adelaide St., W.
Toronto, Ont.

R. W. Frayling
Regina Cart. & Stor. Bldg.
Regina, Sask.

Hacking Agencies
110 Gottingen St.
Halifax, N. S. 

W. A. Crawford
7 Kempthorne Bl.
Saskatoon, Sask.

N. F. Musgrave
53 Bate Bldg., 221 McDermot Ave.
Winnipeg, Man.

 S. White
Hub Sales Ltd., Rawlin’s Cross
St. John’s, Newf.


1951 Red Book – 78 – American Glassware

CANTON GLASS CO., Marion, Ind. (Mar­ion 2008). E. A. Kightlinger, president and sales manager. Showrooms: Ira A. Jones Co., Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill. (SUP 7-7170); Linhardt & Linhardt, St. Louis, Mo. (Main 4744) ; Edw. G. Keuling Co., 212 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.; Western Glass Products Co., Western Merchandise Mart, 1355 Market St., San Francisco, Cal. Pressed tableware, colored glassware, stationers’ glassware, bar and liquor glassware, novelties, private mould work.

CARBONE, INC. — See listing, American Pottery.  { Glass, Crystal and color.}

CARRE, 333 Fourth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. (Gramercy 3-3787). Manufacturer of decorated glassware and trays. Small tables, lamps and shades.

CAVALIER GLASS CO., 21-16 44th Rd., Long Island City 1, N. Y. (Stillwell 4-6639). Jerry Kavalir, owner. Representa­tives: Tinker Glassware, 15-108 Merchan­dise Mart, Chicago, Ill.; Altschul Sales Co., 860 S. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, Cal.; Lillian E. Sherman, 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.; Herbold Distributing Co., 6605 Hillcrest, Dallas, Texas. Manu­facturers of glass flowers, centerpieces, sippers and stirrers, candles and leaves.

CHARM HOUSE — See listing, American Pottery. { Representing: Western Glass Products, “Crown Jewel” colored glassware, “Parti-Ade” hostess serving glassware items.}

CLAYTON GLASS WORKS, 122 Delsea Dr., Clayton, N. J. (Glassboro 4-0696). Charles Marks, president. Hand blown giftware, lamps, metal ware.

COLLINI GLASS, Montrose Ter., Vine-land, N. J. (Vineland 7-6577). Walt Collini, president and sales manager. Pressed table ware, colored glassware, novelties and specialties, colored glass tubing and rod, private mould work.

COLONIAL GLASS CO., Weston, W. Va. (Tel. 257). C. A. Borchert, president and sales manager. Hand-blown lighting glass­ware, 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch domes, 6x4 and 7x5 cylinders, hurricane and colonial shades. Plain crystal, cut, frosted, deco­rated and polished stemware and vases.

COMMERCIAL GLASS CO., Fairmont, W. Va. (Tel. 3145-J). L. Oliverio, owner. Shaving mugs, bird baths, glass bottle stoppers, opalware.

CONCORD GLASS MANUFACTURING CO., INC., 42-14 43rd Ave., Long Island City, N. Y. (Ironsides 6-1383). Thomas Estella, president; E. Weiss, sales man­ager. Branches: Edward Kloss, 3537 S. Racine, Chicago, Ill.; Alvin Cole, Los An­geles, Cal.; Philip Moses, Philadelphia, Pa. Hand-crafted glass flowers, centerpieces, sprays, trees and glass flower lamps, glass candles, stirrers and novelties, plastic cen­terpieces.

CONSOLIDATED LAMP & GLASS CO., Coraopolis, Pa. (Federal 1-3777). John R. McCune, Jr., president; W. Frank M. Hawe, vice president. Showrooms: Mrs. Kay Dougherty, 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (CA 5-7684); Helen Jacob-son, 110 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill. Milk glass, illuminating glassware, opal-ware, novelties and specialties. Catalonian and Martele.

CORNING GLASS WORKS, Corning, N. Y. (Corning 372). Plants at Corning, N. Y.; Wellsboro, Pa.; Central Falls, R. I.; Char-leroi, Pa.; Muskogee, Okla.; Albion, Mich.; Corning Glass Works of Canada, Ltd., Leaside, Ontario. W. C. Decker, president; T. H. Truslow, general sales manager, Consumer Products Division. Showrooms: J. A. Fenier, Chicago, Ill. (DEL 7-6600); W. R. Lenfesty, New York, N. Y. (Circle 6-8224); W. H. Hansen, Merchandise Mart, San Francisco, Cal. (Market 1-0727); John G. During, Dallas, Texas (Sterling 2436); John Echternach, Atlan­ta, Ga. (Alpine 9951). Pressed tableware, Corning Double-Tough Tumblers, Pyrex Ovenware, Flameware and Colorware; an­nealed tumblers, crystal and decorated vases, novelties and specialties.

CREATIVE ART PRODUCTS CO. — See listing, American Pottery. { entry reads – Designers and manufacturers of glass bowls, vases, cigarette accessories and ceramic figures and novelties.}

CRESCENT GLASS CO., INC., Wellsburg, W. Va. (Tel. 24541). Henry Rithner, Jr., president. Colored glassware, auto and signal glass, illuminating glassware, nov­elties and specialties, vigil light glasses. Complete line lamp parts, crystal and colors.

CRYSTAL MART, INC., 31 E. 27th St., New York, N. Y. (Murray Hill 6-5388). C. Gottesman, president. Manufacturers of crystal fixtures and hurricane lamps.

CULVER NOVELTIES, INC., 2967 Crop-sey Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. (ES 2-3297). A. Rothenberg, president. Decorated and fired glassware. Novelties and specialties.

CUMBERLAND GLASS CO., Cumberland, Md. (Cumberland 3328). Geo. D. Hickle, president; C. W. Yergan, sales manager. Showrooms: Frederick Skelton, New York; W. R. Neal, Baltimore, Md.; Justus Stein-hilper, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Rudolph H. Sou-kup, Chicago, Ill.; Altschul Sales Co., San Francisco, Calif.; Altschul Sales Co., Los Angeles, Calif. Tumblers and stemware, bar and liquor glassware.

CZECHOSLOVAK GLASS PRODUCTS CO., 45 E. 34th St., New York 16, N. Y. (Lexington 2-2188). Wm. M. Rose, presi­dent. Glass accessories.

1951 Red Book – 79 – American Glassware

Concord Glass





Rich in color, and flexible — this lovely 9 flower spray is from a line of fast moving decorative accessories. Superb in craftsmanship and style, the line features an unlim­ited variety of unusual centerpieces at popular prices.


Edward Kloss, Superior Novelty Glass Company
5357 South Racine Avenue

San Francisco
Alvin Cole Company
1355 Market
Los Angeles
Alvin Cole Company
712 South Olive
Philip Moses
884 Sanger


42-14 — 43rd AVENUE          LONG ISLAND CITY 4, N. Y.

1951 Red Book – 80 – American Glassware

DECORATIVE LAMP CO., INC. (Subsidi­ary of H. H. Turchin Co.), 41 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y. (VA 6-4052). H. H. Turchin, president; T. N. Turchin, sales manager. Showrooms: 520 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill.; 1200 Biscayne Rd., Mi­ami, Fla.; Exhibitors Bldg., Grand Rapids, Mich.; 575 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. Glo-block candles, Seaspray glassware, Sea-foam glass, Turnover tables, glass block vases.

DELSAM CO., THE, P. O. Box 1827, Wil­mington, Del. (Wilmington 2-7974). Fac­tory at Vineland, N. J. (Vineland 7-0947). Samuel L. Gerson, president. Manufacturer of colored handmade glass novelties and specialties.

DELSEY GLASS CORP., Vineland, N. J. S. L. Gerson, president; Paul Muchter, factory manager. Blown table ware, col­ored glassware, decorated table ware, il­luminating glassware, opal ware, novelties and specialties, prescription druggists and proprietary ware, private mould work.

DE LUXE DECORATING WORKS — See listing, American Pottery. { Decorators of China, Glass and Pottery.}

DE PASSE, INC., B. J. — See listing, American Pottery. { Decorators of China and Glass.}

DIDIO BROS. CUT GLASS CO., 1010 Ni­agara St., Buffalo 13, N. Y. (GA 6040).John Didio, president. Representatives: Sam & Morris Lando, 1524 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia, Pa.; Tinker Glassware, 15108 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill.; Nathan Lando, 401 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio; Horace C. Gray Co., 200 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.; MacFarlane Sales Co., 712 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, Cal. Cut and etched stemware and tumblers. Flatware acid polished.

DOMINION GLASS CO., LTD. Factory lo­cations: Montreal, Que.; Hamilton, Ont.; Wallaceburg, Ont.; Redcliff, Alta. LaMonte J. Belnap, president; I. R. Macdonald, sales manager. Sales offices: I. R. Mac­donald, Montreal, Que. (UN 4861); R. W. Dixon, Toronto, Ont. (Lakeside 4481); G. M. Harris, Hamilton, Ont. (Hamilton 4-2837); L. N. Ayres, Wallaceburg, Ont. (Tel. 670); E. A. Jepson, Winnipeg, Man. (Tel. 27243); N. W. Meldrum, Redcliff. Alta. (Tel. 260); W. A. Dobson, Van­couver, B. C. (Marine 0451). Pressed ta­bleware, blown tableware, tumblers, col­ored glassware, bar and liquor glassware illuminating glassware, opalware, novelties and specialties, private mould work.

DORMAN, A. H. — See listing, American Pottery. { Stemware}

DUNBAR GLASS CORP., Dunbar, W. Va. (Tel. 81-231). H. E. Payne, president; Hugh M. Seyfarth, vice president. Show­rooms : G. H. Krawehl, New York, N. Y. (Watkins 9-1616); H. Rhoads. Chicago, Ill. (Superior 7-7506); G. W. Young, Cleveland, Ohio (Main 5529); G. H. Miller, Los Angeles, Cal. (Vandike 6264). Pressed and blown tableware, hand deco­rated and cut novelties and specialties, vases, lamp and lighting glassware, cylin­ders, display glassware, hand blown pitch­ers, hurricane lamps, private mould work.

DUNCAN & MILLER GLASS CO., THE, Washington, Pa. (Washington 5720). James E. Duncan, 3rd, president; Lewis K. Evans, vice president and sales man­ager. Showrooms: O. C. Graham, 200 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (ORegon 5-4588); John W. Readeker, 1549 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Ill. (WHitehall 4-1583); Richard E. Rice Co., 101 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. (Liberty 2-3632); A. H. Renwick & Son, Merchandise Mart Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. (TUcker 7986); William F. Moll, 2507 Bexford Dr., To­ledo, Ohio (JOrdan 4154); Geo. L. Davis, 215 Tabor Bldg., Denver, Col. (CHerry 2546); Hal M. Copeland, 900 W. 47th Court, Miami Beach, Fla. (5-1056); Rob­ert G. Vinz, Box 14, Mississippi City, Miss. (1809-J); Saubert & Lamont, Santa Fe Bldg., Dallas, Texas (RAndolph 6392); Maurice H. Brahl, 2 Angest Circle, St. Louis, Mo. (REpublic 7862); Karl Knob­lauch, 5125 Beard Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. (WAlnut 7660) ; A. C. Lambe & Co., 24 Wellington St. W., Toronto, Canada (ELgin 4606); A. C. Lambe & Co., 119 Pender St. W.. Vancouver, B. C, Canada; Kerr-Purcell, Ltd., 924 Bethel St., Hono­lulu, Hawaii (58411). Pressed tableware blown tableware, tumblers and stemware, colored glassware, novelties and special­ties, private mould work.

E J. K. CORP., 104 Montgomery St., Brooklyn 25, N. Y. (Ingersoll 2-6677). Edward J. Kiefer, president. Representa­tives: Roseware, Inc., 5457 N. 35th St., Milwaukee, Wis. (Hilltop 5-3109); Geo. D. Dinkel, 99 Bedford St., Boston, Mass (Hancock 6-4775); J. S. Mason, 29 Melin-da St., Toronto, Can. Cut hotel and bar glassware, stemware.

EAGLE DECORATING AND CUT GLASS WORKS, INC., 125 Heyward St., Brook­lyn, N. Y. (Ulster 5-3223). Cut, decorated and monogrammed glass. Hand-engraved and hand-carved.

EASTERN GLASS, INC., Dunkirk, N. Y. (Dunkirk 2303-04). F. F. Hodges, presi­dent; R. A. Schober, sales manager and secretary. Showroom: F. F. Hodges. 201 N. Wells St., Chicago, Ill (Central 9528). Illuminating glassware, opal ware, novel­ties and specialties, private mould work

EBENEZER CUT GLASS CO., INC., 726 Mill Rd., Buffalo 24, N. Y. (Hobart 2356). G. E. L. Erckert, general manager. Repre­sentatives: Frank E. Roberts, 170 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. (OR 5-5439);

E. M. Meder Co., 1570 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill. (SUP 1295); Arthur Flatau, Jr., 2712 Jefferson St., Tampa. Fla.; F. F. Brown Co.. 712 S. Olive St.. Los Angeles. Cal. (Vandike 7490); Erich Sieverdes, Forest, Va. (Tel. 921-J-4) ; Thomas L. Hogan & Sons, Fayetteville, N. Y. (Syra­cuse 72-8964). Cut glass tableware and giftware.

1951 Red Book – 81 – American Glassware

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