Glass Study T&C

Site Info - January 2009

The move to France is proving a lengthy process - with preparations for Scotland 400 and less than ideal working conditions, work on the Glass-Study has ground to a halt... Subscriptions continue to be open ended.

Emails: Subscription terminated.

These are triggered by Paypal and disable your access to the Glass-Study only. I get an alert too and then quickly reenable you. The new company to own these sites is in progress, once established, all subscriptions will commence to count for one year. Payments will then go to this company with half to cover running costs and the rest for a preservation fund that will be untouchable (Its income will subsidise preserved sites). I have only hinted at this in the past as until established there could be no guarantees to how subscriptions were utilised.

At last a likely candidate for improving access to the documents, please try out menu option Library (testing) and give me your opinion, I will not include index only documents there as they are only useful when using search to locate refereces. It has not had all titles linked to it yet.