Glass Catalogue

The digitisation of Glass Catalogues is being prepared now and the draft form can now be viewed at GlassCatalogue.com. There is a button to go there on the main menu - it opens up a new window. Note that only the items from a catalogue appear there, any other content will be published as an article in the Glass Study.

There is crossover in content as any glass illustrated in publications here can also be included in The Glass Catalogues in addition to the dedicated catalogue content.

Glass Study members have exclusive access to the new site at no extra cost, you can use the same sign-in as you use for the Glass Study.

Todate new members will be set up manually so access will not be immediate.

Glass Study members also get free access to the Glass Zoo , to complete the reference collection. For that, you will need to register at the Zoo, select cash payment but do not send money - and the administrator will authorise you a.s.a.p.